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23 June 2018
Seven People Describe What It's Really Like to Have Alopecia
Children meet and chat with Lennox, a girl with Alopecia. Delightful reactions on the video below plus on the right, a chance to get Lennox's reaction to the children

Bonus Interview
The Psychological Impact of Alopecia on quality of life and stigmatization.

A student from Maynooth University has got in touch to ask us if we could pass on this link to a research she is currently conducting in relation to the affect of alopecia on the quality of life in Irish adults as part of her masters in Health Psychology She would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete please. Please take 10 minutes to complete this survey and help advance research into Alopecia?

Thank you
Reeka Maharaj was 11 and visiting a friend's house when she ran her fingers through her hair and felt a bald spot. "I told my friend I had to go home, I've got to do something," she says. "I rode my bike home and sat in the bathroom for about 30 minute, in shock." Maharaj was diagnosed alopecia areata. Her hair grew back, but then, when she was about 22, it fell out again.

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Alopecia Ireland Meeting took place
in Moran's Red Cow Hotel
on 26th April 2018 at 7:30pm

Please take time to complete this survey

Thanks in Advance
Contact: -
Phone: - 089 2298100

Please be advised that we are currently reviewing the arrangements in place for facilitating the meetings for the children. Unfortunately the current set up is not proving effective. We are asking to see if there was any parents that would be interested in volunteering to take over the Children's Group as a sub group.

The plan would be that we would direct any parents looking for support for their children and indeed as parents to this group,  but ultimately it would the responsibility of this sub group to organise the meetings and maybe events that would be more suitable for children.

Parents often contact us and there is a need for support in this area but if we have no response to the expression of interest, we will be unable to continue due to its unsuitablity - which would be a shame.


We look forward to hearing from you and would love to see you there on 26/04/2018

Our Mission

The mission of Alopecia Support Ireland is to provide support, raise awareness and educate people with all types of Alopecia and their families.

To support research to find a cure or acceptable treatment for alopecia, to support those with the condition, and to educate the public about alopecia.

We accomplish this by

  • Funding research and research workshops that add to the scientific knowledge about alopecia areata, its causes, and different treatments
  • Informing the public about alopecia
  • Advocating the concerns of people affected alopecia areata
  • Creating and distributing educational materials to health professionals as well as those affected, so that all may better understand Alopecia.

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